Manna for Today 012

Today we talk about the second Strong number, 721, which is also “lamb” in Greek. This “lamb” is related to Jesus’ second coming.

721 appears in the New Testament altogether 30 times. Of the thirty, twenty nine is in Revelation, and only one time in John, chapter 21. At the time Peter and several other disciples had gone back to be fishermen. At this time, they fished all night but caught nothing. They saw the resurrected Jesus calling to them, with breakfast already waiting for them. When they had all eaten, Jesus asked Peter: “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” Peter replied, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” This is the only time outside Revelation that 721 appears. Continue reading “Manna for Today 012”

Manna for Today 011

If you just look at the word “lamb” in the English Bible, you can’t find too much about it. But if you look up the word “lamb” in a Strong’s Dictionary, you will find that there are two Strong’s numbers associated with it, one is 286 and the other is 721. In other words, there are two different Greek words that have the same meaning and thus are both translated as “lamb” in English. Continue reading “Manna for Today 011”

Manna for Today 009

This time we would like to start by mentioning numbers because it is hard to avoid them in this digital age.

Because numbers in the Bible belong to an independent system with many hidden mysteries, we may choose to touch onsome of them in certain occasions. For example, when we talked about the Double Yang Festival earlier, there was no way we can avoid the two 9’s in the festival because that festival falls on the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar. When we see two 9’s side by side, we have 99 right in front of us.

Have you ever wondered what does the number 99 mean in the Bible? Because both the Greeks and Hebrews used letters as both numbers and as words, so the the number 99 is also “AMEN” that many Christians tend to say all the time. Continue reading “Manna for Today 009”

Manna for Today 008

At this point, let’s think about our problem from another level. So, we can remember that the Bible says this, “in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

This quietness and confidence appear to be a little bit passive, unlike Esau’s jump and run that kind of Yang Chi. If you see quietness as rather shy, and confidence as rather passive, please know that in math there is an operation (multiplication) where a double negative is a positive. Thus it is so here. When you are quiet and confident, you are not hot like fire on the outside, but full of liveliness on the inside, that is the rare positive energy and Yang Chi.

This quiet and confident positive energy, comes from connecting with the Almighty. Do you know where you are from, where you will go, where you are now, and how to reach that last, best destination? If you know the answers to all these question, then of course you will have full quiet confidence to enjoy the health and peace that are yours in abundance under the sun! You cannot but have joy !

Manna for Today 007

There is a festival in China that has seventeen hundred years of history. It is called the Double Ninth, or Double Yang Festival. It is on the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar. The reason it is also called Double Yang Festival is because the number 9 represents Yang as in Yin/Yang.

Note that all odd numbers are Yang and all even numbers are Yin. For example, the number 6 represents Yin, the number 9 represents Yang.

The traditional festival is a special day where families gather together to hike up a mountain, wear a certain plant around their arm, drink chrysanthemum wine, all in order to avoid a certain plague. It is also one of four special days in a year that people go to their ancestors’ graves to pay their respects. In modern times, the governments both in Mainland China and Taiwan have renamed the festival “Seniors’ Day”. People are to honor and to help their older family members, especially on this day of year.

Due to new technological advances in medicine, many people nowadays live to the ripe old age of 80 or more. And sometimes, we see people living in their own homes even into their 90s. But we also see many problems with those who are elderly. Some need to take a handful of medications, need to wear oxygen masks, and indeed have fragile mental health. Some even wish that they can access euthanasia to avoid a long drawn out march to death. A senior friend who lives in the nursing home says to me, “I am just waiting for death. Nothing to look forward to now.”

Why should life have such a poor ending? What will give someone the will to not only live well, but with a spirit of bravery and courage? How can one get that Yang Chi (energy) to face old age? What is that Yang Chi (energy) that we desperately need yet is so hard to find?

Manna for Today 006

In the Bible there is an interesting man. His name and Adam’s name belong to the same Hebrew word family, i.e. they come from the SAME Hebrew root word.

This man is Esau, the son of Isaac, the twin of Jacob. Esau is also called Edom. And “Edom” means “red”. Edom and Adam share the same root word.

According to the Bible, Esau was a hunter. He loved hunting, and his father loved the meat he brought back. Imagine a hunter, when he goes hunting, he is weak, and soft, and cannot walk far. How can he catch any prey? Esau, on the other hand, being a skilled hunter, was a brave and strong man. He was not afraid of the wild beasts, nor running far to catch them. That’s the sign of having a lot of Yang Chi or Yang Energy as in “Yin and Yang”. Yang means to have courage, to not be afraid of difficulties and obstacles, to not be easily crushed. This is what a strong man or woman should be like and what God wants to give to us, to be filled with strength and courage, the characteristics of a juvilant person.

As an aside, if you don’t know what “root word” means, please go to “Original Scriptural Studies” category. Read the first article, and you will know it right away.

Learn how to study the Bible using the Strong Numbers and the First Occurrence Principle

We would like to share with you some basic knowledge of the Bible and how to apply the First Occurrence Principle to interpret the Bible.

As you may know, the Bible contains two parts, the Old Testament, and the New Testament. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew. The New Testament was written in Greek. For people who want to know what the Bible says in its original languages, they must need to learn those two languages first.

Or do they? Well, it happened that an American Bible scholar, named James Strong (1822-1894), and a team of nearly 100 others, in an age when there were no computers, came up with a way to assign a number to each and every word in the OT and NT. This number system is called Strong Numbers. Each of the more than 8000 words in the Hebrew OT, and more than 5000 words in the Greek NT are arranged in a systematic manner with a number. The words are arranged in an alphabetical way then associated with a sequential number.

The Old Testament numbers have an H in front. The New Testament numbers start with a “G”. You can imagine these two strands of numbers, one strand for the OT, and one strand for the NT, formed like a DNA double helix. Continue reading “Learn how to study the Bible using the Strong Numbers and the First Occurrence Principle”

Manna for Today 005

How can you become really positive?

These days we are encouraged to be positive, to give off positive vibes, to talk less of negative things. Is this good? Of course it is.

In the Bible, who fits the description of being the most positive or sunny or joyous person, in other words, jubilant? We say that has to be Adam, the first man God created. Because the word Adam in Hebrew, comes from the root word meaning “Red Dust”. He was made from dust, and dust comes from the root word “ashen”. Think about it, if a person’s appearance changes from ashen to ruddy, isn’t that a sign of having changed from negative to positive? Continue reading “Manna for Today 005”

Manna For Today 004 has a subsection called “Original Scripture Studies“. Don’t let this title scare you, as if only Bible scholars or experts can understand this kind of stuff! Actually, it will not be that difficult. Even if you are someone who knows nothing of the original languages the Bible comes in, this is not going to be an obstacle! You will see how you can read the original text without even understanding a word of Hebrew or Greek. Yes, this is a miracle. Come and experience this miracle as you follow along. Continue reading “Manna For Today 004”