Manna for Today 023

The second outstanding characteristic of Kabbalah is that it tends to perceive things using the concept of correspondence, whether it be in numbers or words, or ideas. Kabbalists tend to call these corresponding relationships the “mirroring elements”. Something like, when a person looks at himself in the mirror, his left side is the right side of the man in the mirror. The exact reverse is also true: the left side of the man in the mirror is the right side of the real man. Continue reading “Manna for Today 023”

Manna for Today 022

Almost everywhere in the world, there is a wave to learn Jewish culture, especially Jewish rabbi’s Kabbalah teachings. Kabbalah teachings are rooted in Jewish rabbi’s mystical religious interpretations of the Old Testament, especially the first five books of Moses that are called the Torah. If we dig deeper, we will find that Kabbalah literally means “reception”. Well then, let us see what kind of mysteries are hidden in the word “reception.” Continue reading “Manna for Today 022”