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(1) [ Count Our Days to Gain a Heart of Wisdom ] Analyzing the Number 417 & Its Roots – Demo to see how numbers are traced to their roots

This video was re-made with hard coded Chinese subtitles and English subtitles uploaded in text. Click on CC to display subtitles in English.

Do you know how important the numbers are in daily life? We need them everywhere. But do you know the roots behind all numbers?

Starting from September 4, 2021 we focus on numbers and the structures of numbers. This will take place once a week for now from one location in dual languages: Chinese and English. When someone speaks in Chinese, there will be interpretation into English. The same is true: when someone speaks in English, there will be the Chinese translation. The time is set for Saturday 5 pm PST (8 am Sunday China time).

The LIVE weekly sharing takes place here:

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