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01/20/2021 US Election Revelation Today: The 34th hexagram Dazhuang (great power) with its 1st line in active mode changing to the 32th hexagram Heng (eternity)

Note: since November 1 of 2020, Lot Tertius, the author of “Future Message Series” has published messages in Chinese at LoveYi.Net to follow up the 2020 US Election on a daily basis. Each message is based on his reading of the hexagram, cast for each day, using 6 coins with one coin being marked as the one in the active changing mode. As a result, a second hexagram can be obtained. Note also that in our English translations, a simple English verb or noun is picked to describe each hexagram.

Today six coins were cast the 34th hexagram Dazhuang (great power) showed up with its 1st line in active and changing mode, thus this hexagram can be transformed to the 32th hexagram Heng (eternity). If you are not familiar with their images, please see below:


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