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Unprecedented Millennial Jubilee: the ROCK that strikes the statue of gold, silver, bronze, iron and baked clay 2/n

This time we focus on the ROCK that is cut out of a mountain, but not by human hands. After striking the statue, this rock becomes a huge mountain, filling the whole earth.

Word and number study of “rock, cut, mountain”

  • 0068 (/371 | 273) Gen 11:3 brick for stone, Gen 28:11 rock as pillow (vision of ladder), Gen 49:24 rock of Israel, Ex 34:1 two tablets of stone (10 commandments), Sam1 17:40 David’s five smooth stones
  • 6697 (/370 | 77) Rock of Horeb where water flows out after being struck, stand on rock, in a clift or holes of rock
  • 5553 (/153 | 59) speak unto the rock so that water flows out
  • 0069 (/153 | 6+2) rock
  • 1505 (/371 | 6) cut not by human hands
  • 2906 (/371 | 2) mountain, huge mountain

Material concerning the 1871 Act comes from here:

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