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01/19/2021 US Election Revelation Today: The 49th hexagram Ge (molting) with its 6th line in active mode to change to the 13th hexagram Tongren (fellowman)

Note: since November 1 of 2020, Lot Tertius, the author of “Future Message Series” has published messages in Chinese at LoveYi.Net to follow up the 2020 US Election on a daily basis. Each message is based on his reading of the hexagram, cast for each day, using 6 coins with one coin being marked as the one in the active changing mode. As a result, a second hexagram can be obtained. Note also that in our English translations, a simple English verb or noun is picked to describe each hexagram.

Today six coins were cast and the 49th hexagram Ge (molting) showed up with its 6th line in active and changing mode, thus this hexagram can be transformed to the 13th hexagram Tongren (fellowman). If you are not familiar with their images, please see below:


In the Book of Change, there are a total of 7 hexagrams that contain this four-character phrase “Yuan Heng Li Zhen”, meaning “supreme blessing for favorable resolution”. These 7 hexagrams point to 7 historic ages or stages on Earth that are unique and ground breaking. The Ge hexagram is one of them and also the last of the seven. In other words, it may point to the formal advance of mankind toward the age of Millennial Jubilee, which may represent the last stage before the ascension of human civilization. This indicates that after the last stage of the seven, mankind will fast forward to step into an unprecedented new era, shedding off all the old traditions and concepts, welcoming a brand new and glorious civilization.

The classical text of Ge hexagram is this: 巳日乃孚,元亨利贞,悔亡. The first word 巳 ranks the 6th position in the 10 heavenly stems that the ancient Chinese used to construct the lunar callendar. The number 6 in the Bible represents Man as God created Man on the 6th day. This implies that, the showcase of a collective New Man who is created according to God’s likeness and image is a unique sign, heralding mankind’s advent to an unprecedented era in human history.

Let’s first check the odds in the Ge hexagram. First, it is the only hexagram that we can find the word 孚 (faith) among all the 64 hexagrams in I Ching. Secondly, we also find the same word 孚 (faith) among the classical descriptions of 3 lines in the hexagram. These are significant enough to draw our attention. Note that 49, the serial number of Ge hexagram happens to be the first natural number, counting from 1 to infinity, that we start to find the circulating numerical root (1459_919). Note that the brackets in this circulating numerical root indicates that the root changes between two numbers 1459 and 919 without stop.

In our book “Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible” published in 2011, the circulating numerical root (1459_919) is considered to be associated with Death and Resurrection. This implies that this 49th hexagram may closely relate to the First Resurrection of mankind that has long been prophesized in the Bible.

It is also interesting that, the 24th hexagram that showed up yesterday (sorry we have not translated that day’s message yet) is also associated with Resurrection. I believe that it is not by accident but through God’s wonderful arrangement that these two hexagrams popped out to bear double witness to mankind’s great event.

Numerical root of resurrection

With the 6th line in active changing mode, today’s Ge (molting) hexagram can change to the hexagram Tongren (fellowman). The classical text for the 6th line is this: 君子豹变,小人革面,征凶,居贞吉. To understand this description, we need to know that the panther’s skin is full of highly visible stripes. Therefore, the superior man can only play a significant role when he changes himself like a real panther displays its vivid colors from within the skin root. In the case of the inferior man, he molts only on the surface, like the panther painted on paper, having the right colors only on surface. So, if a man does not want to change by the Holy Spirit from within, signified by the fire of Li (cleaving), then he will not turn around and repent, which will lead to the final misfortune of Kui (opposition) which points to the Lake of Fire in the Bible.

Therefore, by holding fast to the position signified by Zhongfu (central faith), one need to have a deeper understanding of the genuine true faith, and put that faith into practice in daily work and life to foster a real change from within, then the end result will be a blessing of peace.

The Tongren hexagram (fellowship of man) changed from the molting Ge, emphasizes that, one’s relationship with God must be deeply rooted on the foundation of clear heart and strong will. Then gradually open your heart to be even greater, so that you can see from a higher ground and travel longer. This way, whether dashing forward without fear or stopping for a while to recuperate, you can handle it without much problem. For this matter, the Tongren hexagram uses three geological positions (the city gate, the suburbs, and the desert) to describe the extent and status with regard to a person’s relationship with God.

Corresponding to the 6th line of Ge (molting), the 6th line of Tongren (fellowman) says: 同人于郊,无悔. This means that the life of man is like a play, each person enters the play with his or her role assigned. When we come to the 6th line, which is the top line in each hexagram, it is like coming to the end of a play with all actors come out and say thanks and fairware. As far as the distance is concerned, the desert stands for the longest distance between an actor and the audience like the case of Kun (Earth) hexagram; the city gate represents the closest distance like what is shown in the Gen (Mountain) hexagram; 同人于郊 means the suburbs is a position right in the middle.

In other words, when the Earth of Kun combines with the Mountain of Gen, we have the Qian (modesty) hexagram, which is equivalent to the position of suburbs. The Qian (modesty) hexagram, having a serial number of 15 in I Ching, is considered to be the most fortunate hexagram. Obviously, arriving at this level is pleasing and has nothing to regret.

Lastly, it is interesting to see that, among all 22 Hebrew letters, the 15th letter means “help”. Among all the 26 letters in English, the 14th is N, which you can perceive it as a short for NO. The 15th English letter is O, which can be viewed as O in OK.

Therefore, you see that, out of all the hexagrams and their associated numbers that have been discussed so far, it appears to tell us this: the so-called Resurrection of mankind means nothing but a self-revolution, which requires us to have the gut to say NO to our old “three views” (views of life, value and world)! This is impossible for man whoes nature is stubbon and unwilling to change. For that reason, we have to seek God’s help in order for the life of our old self to die thouroughly and the resurrected new life can stand up, then everything is OK! By that time, no matter at what position you may be, the fact of fellowship between God and man is right there to the gazing eyes of others.

This is the everlasting Gospel that the book of Revelation talks about through the trumpet of this US Election!

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