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01/17/2021 US Election Revelation Today: The 20th hexagram Guan (watch) with its 2nd line active to change to the 59th hexagram Huan (disperse)

Note: since November 1 of 2020, Lot Tertius, the author of “Future Message Series” has published messages in Chinese at LoveYi.Net to follow up the 2020 US Election on a daily basis. Each message is based on his reading of the hexagram, cast for each day, using 6 coins with one coin being marked as the one in the active changing mode. Note also that in our English translations, a simple English verb or noun is picked to describe each hexagram.

Today six coins were cast and the 20th hexagram Guan (watch) showed up with its second line in active and changing mode, thus this hexagram can be transformed to the 59th hexagram Huan (dispersing). If you are not familiar with their images, please see below:

观 >

This pair of hexagrams with the same sequence, showed up in January 10th’s message, which happened to be the first day that we started to translate from Chinese to English this series of messages concerning the US Election. So referring to that day’s message should help you understand today’s hexagrams.

It worths to mention that, since November 1 of 2020 the author has published a series of daily messages concerning the 2020 US Election. During this period of more than two months, it is not hard to see that a single hexagram could show its face multiple times once in while. On one occasion, which happened on January 6 and 15, two hexagrams showed up twice but in opposite order, forming a mirror image pair.

However, today is the first time that the same two hexagrams appeared twice and also in exactly the same sequence. This is such an spectacular view to see indeed, no single showing, no mirror showing, the same hexagrams repeat themselves in exactly the same order!

In addition, something even odd took place today. When I first cast six coins this morning, I accidentally mixed up the sequence of the six coins, so I had to cast again. But when I cast the second time, then something never happened in the past took place – one of the coins fell on the floor. So once again I was forced to cast the coins.

Like how the “three strike law” says, I had finally got today’s hexagrams with no more trouble. But out of my own expectations, I found today’s two hexagrams had popped up 7 days ago already. Why did so many odds take place today? According to my previous experience when one or two hexagrams re-surfaced, I tended to seek inspiration based on numerical clues in I Ching, the Book of Change. Having looked at the numbers associated with these two hexagrams, no instant and obvious clue could be found.

Upon the moment I almost gave up, suddenly a strong thought came to me: why don’t you seek help from the Bible? Then quickly I realized that, J R Church, a reknowned scholar of the Bible, had pointed out in his book “Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms” that the chapter numbers of the book Psalms have some internal connections with the modern historical events of mankind.

Take today’s date as an example, it is January 17, which gives us the number 117 and the year 2017. 7 days ahead of today, the date January 10, gives us the number 110 which points us to Psalm 110. Checking that chapter to find it contains 7 verses, so we have 110 + 7 = 117. Do you see? The principle of “double witness” in the Bible shows up! This proves that Psalm 117 is indeed the critical clue for understanding today’s odds.

What more extrairdinary facts can we get out of Psalm 117? Let’s see. Counting the sum of all chapters in the Bible, we get 1189 chapters and Psalm 117 happens to be the very middle chapter. Not only that, it is also the shortest of all chapters, as it has only two verses, no more no less.

What followes after Psalm 117 is obviously Psalm 118. According to God’s counting, Psalm 118:8 should be the middle verse of all verses in the Bible. What does the verse say? “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Concerning the matter of how to count the number of chapters in the Bible, this verse is certainly applicable.

We know that, the chapters and verses in Bible were added by men for the convenience of indexing and reference. According to man’s counting, the whole Bible consists of 31,003 verses. Therefore, the middle verse falls on Psalm 103 and verse 2. However, according to God’s counting, Psalm 118:8 is the middle verse. We do not know how God arrives at that counting, nevertheless, concerning this matter of how many verses in the Bible, if you could “trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man”, then all other issues will be solved instantly.

Now coming back to this US Election, the same principle applies. No matter what the result will be, no matter who says what, if we could uphold this verse “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man”, then there is nothing that can stop us from going forward and overcoming all hardships on the way.

What follows Psalm 118 is the Psalm 119, which is the longest chapter in the whole Bible. It has a wopping long content with a total of 176 verses!

Now starting from Psalm 117 again, we have this equation: Psalm 117 (chapter number) + 2 (verse number) = 119, which points to Psalm 119 and has a connection with the year 2019. The fact that both numbers 119 and 911 belong to the same numerical family, indicates that this Covid-19 pandemic, starting from the latter portion of the year 2019 is also an unprecedented tragedy that is much worse than the 911 of 2001. If it is not out of the mercy and grace of God, how many can survive and live as if nothing has happened in this “End of World” setting?

One has to know that, in the numerical system of the Bible, number 2 points to God the Son Jesus in the Trinity. This number carries the meanings of “separation, repetition, and witness”. Today I personally witnessed how the Holy Spirit had testifed wonderfully for this number 2. I believe that, when everyone connnects to God with honesty and piety, he or she can also experience such wonderful acts of God in life.

No matter what could happen in coming years on earth, remember this verse of Psalm 118:8 as your final motto: “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” Or memorize these two numbers: 1 and 8. Number 1 represents Jehovah and number 8 points to the resurrected Jesus with His full name bearing the number of 888, the luckest number of all.

Jesus 888

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