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01/15/2021 US Election Revelation Today: The 37th hexagram Jiaren (family) with its 3rd line active to change to the 42nd hexagram Yi (benefit)

Note: since November 1 of 2020, Lot Tertius, the author of “Future Message Series” has published messages in Chinese at LoveYi.Net to follow up the 2020 US Election on a daily basis. Each message is based on his reading of the hexagram, cast for each day, using 6 coins with one coin being marked as the one in the active changing mode. Note also that in our English translations, a simple English verb or noun is picked to describe each hexagram.

Today six coins were cast in the morning to get the 37th hexagram Jiaren (family) with its 3rd line in active and changing mode, thus this 37th hexagram transforms itself to the 42nd hexagram Yi (benefit). If you are not familiar with these two hexagrams’ images, please see below:

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In the message of January 6 of 2021, these two hexagrams appreared already. On that day, the 42nd hexagram Yi (benefit) changed to the 37th hexagram Jiaren (family); today it is just the opposite, it is the 37th hexagram that transforms to the 42nd. Therefore, it is suggested that you go to check out January 6’s message for more information (sorry, that day’s message has not been translated into English yet).

Today, we are going to reveal the mysteries hidden in these two hexagrams from the numerical perspective of the Bible.

As everyone knows, the day of January 6 this year was such as an unforgetable day becuase of the fact that the Capitol Hill was invaded by a “mob” of people, and this instantly became news that shaked the whole world. It can be considered an event that has been unprecedented in the history of US democracy.

Counting from January 6 to today, the 15th, we see that it happens to give us a count of 9 days, no more no less. On surface, the number 9 is such a common number – what is special about it? Well, when we list all nine basic numbers vertical or horizontally, the number 9 always and obviously comes the last, giving one a sense of completion. In this sense, we should not ignore this significance that this number has revealed to us.

Among all numbers in the Bible, the number 37 on one hand symbolizes the name “Jesus” as God the Son, on the other hand it one of the numbers that point to the Millennial Jubilee. In the numerical system of I Ching, the 37th hexagram Jiaren is equivalent to the word “heaven” that most people talk about. Thus we see that the so-called the End of World in many people’s mouth in reality connects to the days of Jesus’ Second Coming recorded in the Bible. When He truly comes back again, the age of Millennial Jubilee will reveal its true shape in human history.

If we take the Great Harmony in every’s dream as heaven, then we can plainly say that, the so-called Millennial Jibulee simply refers to a time when Jesus brings heaven down to the earth. It is also God’s kingdom has come and His is done, as wished for and stated in the Lord’s Prayer that most Christian can remember by heart.

The 42nd hexagram Yi (benefit) that is changed from the 37th hexagram Jiaren (family), certainly helps us to perceive it from another angle and perspective and on a restrictive condition that most people tend to ignore. Yes, heaven is indeed good and is understood to be wonderful by most people, just as many are wishing to enter the Great Harmony of Millennial Jubilee. However, the restrictive condition is, everyone who is wishing to rush in has to go through a testing and purifying process signified by the number 42.

The last book of the Bible, the Revelation, says it clearly using three terms to states the length of this process: three years, 42 months and 1260 days (note that one biblical year is equal to 360 days). Do you see the connection between the number 42 and the 42 months for testing?

It is interesting to see that, the 42nd hexagram in I Ching is called Yi in Chinese which literally means BENEFIT as a noun and BENEFITIAL as an adjective. Thus we see that this 42nd hexagram not only connects to the testing aspect mentioned in the Bible, but also indicates that this testing is nenefitial in reality to those who truly wish to enter into the Millennial Jibulee. Unless one truly cares for themselves and are not willing to be left out, just as those who did not care and were thus left out of the Noah’s Ark.

It is worthy to mention that, in the surface text of the Bible, the number 43 does not show up. This may echoe what Jesus says in the Bible: “for then shall be great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be.” This “great tribulation” refers to the unprecedented 42 months of test.

The fact that the number 43 does not show in Bible’s surface text, beside indicates the 42 month text period is unprecedented in human history, it also implies that the Great Harmony age after this 42 month period is also unprecedented, far beyond what many can hear, know or imagine.

It is even provoking that, what comes after the 42nd hexagram is the 43th hexagram Guai (quick). Guai carries the meaning of quick action as a result of careful resolution. Imagine, when we are facing an unprecedented test that lasts 42 months and that could mean life and death, anyone who is still there wishy and washing, contemplating all the time, like a man trying to step in two boats with two feet, the end result is obvious and it is no other but to pull a slow person into deeper water.

Therefore, God on high has long prepared a way out: whoever cries to God for help, reflect, repent, and decide to act rightly will be saved! This is what the Guai hexagram appeals to us to excercise one’s function of the free will to take a resolute action in the coming days.

Then comes the question: When will this 42 month period start? The answer may be out of your expectation: we have already in it. Think about it, if this Covid-19 pandemic had took place in any time of the previous century, we would have heard cries everywhere and seen white bones everywhere – who have the chance to hear the Trump of this US election?

Out of God’s special mercy, we have lived day after day and survived the “Last Days” happily and without knowing it until all souls of those who are worthy to enter the Great Harmony of Millennial Jubilee have waken up.

This new era requires all who are living to be transcendal in understanding so that we can remotely peer through the windows of Noah’s Ark, see the rainbow after the Flood, and face the smiling and greeting face of the Sun prepared for all new humanity.

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