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01/10/2021 US Election Revelation: Gets the 20th Hexagram Guan (to watch) with its second line in active mode to change to the 59th Hexagram Huan (to disperse)

Note: since November 1 of 2020, Lot Tertius, the author of “Future Message Series” has published messages in Chinese at LoveYi.Net to follow up the 2020 US Election on a daily basis. Each message is based on his reading of the hexagram, cast for each day, using 6 coins with one coin being marked as the one in the active changing mode. Note also that in our English translations, a simple English verb is picked to describe each hexagram.

Today six coins were cast and the 20th hexagram Guan showed up with its second line in active and changing mode, thus this 20th hexagram Guan (to watch) can be transformed to the 59th hexagram Huan (to disperse). If you are not familiar with their images, please see below:

观 >

In our previous follow-up messages on US Election, the 20th hexagram Guan (to watch) and 59th hexagram Huan (to disperse) appeared several times. To better understand their meanings, please refer to those messages in the past (Sorry, not translated into English yet). Today I would like to share the inspirations concerning the mutual change between the two that is made possible by the active mode marked on the second coin.

The 20th hexagram Guan (to watch) has this classical description in Chinese: 盥而不荐,有孚颙若 which means that one has to wash one’s hands clean before offering sacrifice by faith. Thus we see, this hexagram carries a strong religious tone for which we need to pay attention to.

In addition, we need to consider the fact that the 20th hexagram is a mirror image of the 19th hexagram Lin (to approach), which I shared yesterday to be associated with the Second Coming of Jesus, the so-called the World’s End. As Lin’s mirror hexagram, Guan (to watch) tells us even further: concerning the matter of Jesus’ Second Coming, people’s reactions are different according to their levels of understanding and maturity that can be categorized as being childish, foolish, woman-like and wise.

The second line of Guan (to watch) concerns those who are woman-like. Here the word “woman” literally includes all humanity. This line’s classical description in Chinese has just a few of these words: 窥观,利女贞 in which 窥观 means to peek through a narrow opening of the door. 利女贞 points to the obedient attitude of a woman. In other words, this short description of Guan (to watch) implies this: facing the issue of Jesus’ Second Coming, each person ought to have the right kind of view – pious, careful and balanced.

Among all 64 hexagrams, there are only two hexagrams that are described with these words in Chinese: 王假有庙. One is Huan (to disperse) and the other the 45th hexagram Cui (to gather together). As you can see clearly, Huan (to disperse) and Cui (to gather together) has two opposite meanings.

王假有庙 means the king has come to a temple in person. Whether this “temple” is built in eastern style or like the western churches, the need is very practical, that is, when a person has encountered a big problem that is hard to comprehend, even a king would come to a temple-like place to seek help, and to pray that God on high could have mercy so that we can dash through the obstacles caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now we instantly see that, all the above elements associated with the hexagram Huan (to disperse) reveals its inner meaning, which is to directly call upon those who are dishearted and sad: gather together with the power of faith so that we can do our part and brave through all the obstacles in order to enter into a wonderful and unpresedented age of Millennial Jubilee.

The classical description of Huan’s second line is 涣奔其机,悔亡. Here the word 机 is similar to 几 which literally points to the back of chairs that the ancient people like to sit on, indicating something that can be leaned upon. Therefore, it tells us: when we are dispersed and encounter a trouble in life, if we can find God Himself to back and support us, then there is nothing to worry about.

Therefore, the word 涣 (to disperse) in the 59th hexgram should be better understood as 唤 (to call). It encourages all kings and wise persons, who are willing to carry the will of God on earth, to respond to His calling, to move forward according to the sounding of Trump in US Election, especially at this critical moment of history.

This is the priceless significance of jumping from motionless watching to joyful and refreshing action.


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