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Numerical Roots? You May or May Not Have Heard What They Are

Ever since we have stepped into the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are wrestling with numbers on daily basis. Even though many people may not know how exactly the 0/1 binary system works in computers, one cannot reject the fact that almost every thing we see in front of us has direct or indirect connections with computer based number system.

In this sense, as humanity enters into these digital times, God is also opening up mysteries and puzzles in the numerical world so that scientists could push our human civilization into unprecedented horizons.

Therefore, at this critical juncture, it is necessary to share our previous discovery of numerical roots made earlier in the year of 2011. We hope that more people of insight could further explore this discovery of roots of numbers.

The so-called “numerical roots” is a rather recently discovered concept. Like each tree having roots, each natural number has a root as well.

Yet the “root” of a number has something that differs from the roots of a tree. While each tree has many roots of various shapes and sizes, all the numbers in the world have only a total of 9 roots, no matter how big or small they become.

Numerical roots are discovered by applying the “Trinity Root Function” to all natural numbers from 1 to infinity. They have been found to be the following 9 roots:


All these roots of numbers can be divided into two groups: one group consists of a fixed and unchanging number in itself, such as the five numbers without brackets. They are the fixed roots–1,371,153,370,and 407.

Another group contains sets of two or three numbers that alternate between elements of two or three numbers. We call this group of roots as alternating roots. The four numerical roots, for example, (133_55_250), each have brackets around them and is separated by an underscore between their adjacent elemental numbers. Alternating roots swing from one elemental number to the next and then back again in an endless cycle.

Next, a number’s numerical root is calculated like this. The number is broken down into its digits. Each digit is raised to the power of three and then the sum is totalled. This number is again broken down to digits and raised to the power of three, and added until one reaches a fixed number that does not change:

Thus, we have obtained the first fixed numerical root, 1.

Thus we have obtained the second fixed root, 371.

Thus we have obtained the third fixed root, 153.

Thus we have obtained the fourth fixed root, 370.

Thus we have obtained the fifth fixed root, 407.

Therefore, we have found the sixth root, which is a 3-element alternating root, (133_55_250).

Therefore, we have found the seventh root, which is the second 3-element alternating root, (217_352_160).

Therefore, we have found the eighth root, which is the first 2-element alternating root, (1459_919).

Therefore, we have found the ninth root, which is the second 2-element alternating root, (244_136).

If you continue the process with a starting number that is greater than 136, then you will arrive at one of the above nine roots — no new numerical root can be found whatsoever.

Now the question, why would numerical roots be only found by using the so-called “Trinity Root Function”? It is probably due to the fact that the first three natural numbers, 1, 2, and 3, have been associated with the Trinity. All things are originated out of the triune God. Therefore, it is natural to find the 9 numerical roots using the “Trinity Root Function” that truly matters.

Moving one step further, we can discover that, no matter how many natural numbers we deal with, all can be categorized into three kinds: one third of all numbers, those that are divisible by 3, all have the root 153; another third of numbers have their numerical roots as 371 or 407; the last third of numbers share the other six roots. These three groups form the whole set of natural numbers.

In other words, if the relationship between Creation and Creator can be represented by numbers, then surely He will operate His Law of Creation using the 9 digits, and the 9 numerical roots.

If humanity as a whole wants to explore where we come from, where we go, and for what purpose we live, from all levels of knowledge that accumulate in such fields as science, philosophy and theology, then we cannot find the key to all mysteries without seeking the help of numbers and their roots.

Among all doctrines of Christianity, Trinity is its theological foundation. Even though each branch of the Christianity has different understanding of this concept, none can ignore its grand three-in-all structure.

In the Bible, especially in the book of Revelation, “one third” is a term that often appear. This indicates that all numbers are sliced into three categories by their numerical roots is not mere chance. As we enter into an unprecedented age in human history and as our understanding deepen on the matter of consciousness and substance, spirit and body, the mystery of numbers and their roots will also advance to a new level.

If you have more interest in numbers and their roots, please go and check the book Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible. For any new concept or knowledge, our understanding is a gradual and ever deepening process. May you receive the best as you explore the objective side of numbers and their roots.

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