Manna for Today 023

The second outstanding characteristic of Kabbalah is that it tends to perceive things using the concept of correspondence, whether it be in numbers or words, or ideas. Kabbalists tend to call these corresponding relationships the “mirroring elements”. Something like, when a person looks at himself in the mirror, his left side is the right side of the man in the mirror. The exact reverse is also true: the left side of the man in the mirror is the right side of the real man.

So you need to understand that often God sees things exactly the opposite from how man sees it. You may think it is better to “receive”, but He says “to give is more blessed than to receive.” Therefore, man must see things from God’s direction, and from God’s perspective, to not hit a brick wall, or fall into a quandary of misinterpreting and misunderstanding the Bible.

Our view of Jesus must be constantly reshaped and readjusted by the scriptures. In it, it says that Jesus is God, but He is also man. So you need to figure out when you need to view Him as God, and when you must view Him as man.

See we have returned to Jesus again. Regardless of which famous Kabbalist says it, if he does not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, then he cannot have the Spirit of Jesus with him. Because after all, Jesus IS the real man, and Kabbalah is only the “man in the mirror”.

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