Manna for Today 022

Almost everywhere in the world, there is a wave to learn Jewish culture, especially Jewish rabbi’s Kabbalah teachings. Kabbalah teachings are rooted in Jewish rabbi’s mystical religious interpretations of the Old Testament, especially the first five books of Moses that are called the Torah. If we dig deeper, we will find that Kabbalah literally means “reception”. Well then, let us see what kind of mysteries are hidden in the word “reception.”

According to New Testament Strong’s Dictionary, on the “right-hand” of someone, the root word of “right-hand” is “reception”, or simply “receive”. And on the “left-hand” the root word means “to give”.

Therefore, the secrets or mysteries of Kabbalah are related to the “right-hand”. And the Bible tells us, when the Lord Jesus rose from the dead, He sat down at the right-hand of the Father. Therefore, what Kabbalah says is somehow related to Jesus. Since Jesus is a key person of the whole Bible, and especially the New Testament, so we propose that Christians should not avoid learning about Kabbalah, but that actually it is essential that they understand it.

Only in the light of of inspiration of the New Testament, can one truly discovery the mystery of the Kabbalah.

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