Manna for Today 020 (kissing without using mouth)

Each original Greek or Hebrew word has its root, a word where that word comes from. In Chinese where we have words that come from pictures, each word has its radical, or its own side or top or bottom part. So sometimes you can gain an understanding of a word from its radical.

Let’s give you an example. “吻” means to kiss. It has “口” or mouth as its radical. The right hand side“勿” is also a word that means “don’t”. So putting it together, to kiss is not using mouth. Were the ancients crazy? How can you kiss not using the mouth? But THAT is what that word means. How to understand it is another matter.

Let’s think a little bit. The ancient Chinese rarely kissed in public, unlike the young people now. Westerners kiss often, because it is a normal expression of showing love. So if the Chinese culture does not like kissing openly in public, what could kissing mean if not with the mouth! Perhaps there is a mystery hidden in it?

You know what? Yes! There is a story behind that. If you would like to know, please read the next Manna for Today.

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