Manna for Today 019 (important reminder)

As you can see, all daily messages in “Manna for Today” are numbered, starting from 001 and onward. The advantage for this numbering system is for its simplicity. As long as a number is given to you, you can instantly find the message that has been so numbered.

Of course, everything has its two sides, its pros and cons. As each message does NOT have a title, you have to remember its associated number for a particular message you liked in order to find it at a later time. Considering the fact an important message needs to be repeated three times, how can we use this principle for topics that we consider to be so important or inspiring, which could help get rid of your old thinking or mentality? Surely we cannot repeated display the same message for three days.

This is the exceptional way we present today’s message for the first time. Beside using a number, we use some words in brackets as an “important reminder”. Obviously what we consider important may not fit your situation or meet your flavor. So we wish that you would take it easy as in “Ming Qian”–modest.

By the way, “Ming Qian/鸣谦” comes from the most fortunate hexagram among the 64 hexagrams in I Ching, the Qian or modesty hexagram. The most important term or element in the modesty hexagram is “Ming Qian/鸣谦”. If you have truly reached a state of “Ming Qian”, nothing can stop you from getting God’s blessings. For more details about this, please read a good book that we have been constantly recommending you to read, “Cracking the I Ching Code with the Bible: Future Messages in the Book of Changes”

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