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Now let’s talk about why the number 11 is another representative of the Jubilee Millennium. It’s difficult to explain everything in a short article, so we’ll just touch on the important points.

In the Rabbinic tradition, the coming of the Messiah is always connected with two people, one is Jacob’s 11th son Joseph, and the other is King David.

Joseph numbered 11th amongst Jacob’s sons. He lived to the ripe old age of 110. 110 and 11 have the same root, so we consider them to be in the same number family. So it isn’t hard to connect Joseph with the number 11.

And David? The Bible contains 66 books. The 11th is 1 Kings. Right off the bat, it says that David is planning to pass on the throne to his son Solomon. This foreshadows the Lord Jesus coming to be king in the Jubillee Millennium. So to have the discussion of kings transferring power (1 Kings) placed at the 11th position is not a coincidence. In the description of the transition between King David to King Solomon, is hidden mysteries of the future transitions to the Jubillee Millennium. As well, the woman who is Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba, her name means the “daughter of the covenant”. Because the two words “Bathsheba” and “seven” belong to the same word family, we propose that this covenant is referring to the promise of the 1000 year Jubilee Millennium. So you see the number 11 which represents the Jubilee Millennium meets with 7 again.

If we see the foremost book of the five Classics in Chinese culture, I Ching, the 11th hexagram is “Tai”, which is the most favorite hexagram among Chinese. It means the old is gone, the new is come, or once you’ve reached the lowest point, it can only get better. This is exactly what happens when Jubilee Millennium comes.

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