Manna for Today 017

There is a convenience chain store called 7-Eleven that everyone knows. Its name is very simple and contains just two numbers, 7 and 11. Now they have spread all over the world, wherever you go.

Originally, the number 7 means that such a store opens 7 days a week, while 11 indicates that it is open all the way till 11 pm. How convenient is THAT for customers? No wonder everyone instantly recognizes it everywhere that it is a convenience store.

However, do you know what these two numbers, 7 and 11, mean when you put them into the numbering system of the Bible?

It is interesting that they both point to the Jubilee Millennium prophesied by the Bible. The logic behind is this. The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 days, and He rested on the 7th day. This day is thus called the sabbath day which is clearly tied with the number 7.

The Bible also talks about a day in heaven is equal to 1000 years on earth. If God’s 6 days are rendered as 6000 years on earth, then this 7th day or 7th 1000 years should be drastically different from all the previous days or years. Christians call such an age Jubilee Millennium. This is the reason why 7 becomes the symbolic number of Jubilee Millennium.

As to why the number 11 also points to Jubilee Millennium, we will save it for tomorrow.

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