Manna for Today 016

Today we will look at another word that sounds in Chinese similar to Xi/禧 in Xi Yang Yang. This Chinese word is Xu/许.

Of course our discussions about this word shall not shift away from our focus on the Lamb’s wedding. It is interesting that two meanings can easily be spun off of Xu/许: one is Ying Xu/应许 or promise in English, the other is Xu Pei/许配 or betrothal in English. The promise aspect indicates that such a wedding is established on the Lamb’s marriage covenant with his bride, while the betrothal aspect speaks about how the bride uses her free will to get ready for her groom.

Earlier we have mentioned that the bride will wash her robe clean before the wedding. The greatest testing that this robe washing process represents will be during the three and half years of the Great Tribulation right before Jesus’ second coming. No matter how bad and dangerous this unprecedented Great Tribulation might become, God on His side will faithfully protect us during the testing and chastening process based on His unchanging promises. On the side of the bride waiting for the wedding, maintaining her loyalty to the end is critical.

There is this phrase in the Bible which stands out: “love is as strong as death.” What is more firm and unchanging than “death”? It is the Lord’s plan for us to experience death-confounding loyalty, when we go through the shadow of death but still survive. Only through such experiences can we achieve that jubilant mentality, can we then enter the Great wedding hall with incredible joy.

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