Manna for Today 015

Today we will chat about a word that has the same sound as 禧/Xi in 禧洋洋 (Xi Yang Yang) the Chinese equivalent of our Juvilant website. This word is also pronounced “Xi” but written differently– “洗“. This word means “to wash”. What connects “wedding happiness” with “washing”?

Actually quite a lot. Earlier, we explained that our platform’s name 禧洋洋 in Chinese and Juvilant in English both reflect a joyful wedding day ceremony of the Lamb’s marriage to his Bride. Everyone knows that the bride has to spend a lot of time to prepare and decorate herself before entering the wedding hall, right?

This is how the Bible describes such preparation work: “Blessed are those who wash their robes…” Do you see how this word “wash” connect to those who are called “lambs”? These are the lambs who wash their robes.

We have already said that these “lambs” who are to be married to the Lamb are many and plural. In other words, they are not singular. Therefore we see 羊羊/Yang Yang show up in plural form. Perfect match!

Note that we did not mechanically connect all this together. When you truly swim in the living water that flows from the Holy Spirit, you will easily pick up heavenly inspirations no matter where you go. It is as natural and harmonious as the sunlight sprinkling upon grass and flower petals.

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