Manna for Today 014

If you are a Christian, when you have to deal with many people, work, and things, you have to provide a response. You want to do God’s will, but sometimes you do not know if your thoughts or feelings, are from yourself, from God, or from the devil? So doubts plague us, and we struggle inwardly.

Lately I saw this on the internet, so I want to share it with you. Hope that it will help you somewhat:

– If from man, hurry hurry
– If from devil, disturbed, agitated
– If from God, peaceful and calm.

Isn’t it simple?

Seeking God’s will is not trying to find the magic bullet that will solve all your problems. It is searching for growth, for a widening and deepening of the life inside.

Here are some more words that you can mull over. A person’s reaction outside is only the natural outflow of the life inside. Along with his growth inside, that outside will continually change.

So, come read on with no hurry, no agitation. Come at your own pace, read a message in peace, and you may never know, when you have already changed inside.

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