Manna for Today 013

In Revelation, the Lord Jesus comes as the bridegroom for his bride. But who will the bride be represented by? Is it not the “lambs” mentioned in John 21:15?

So these lambs will be the bride that Lord Jesus is coming to marry. Then what characterizes this bride? Since Jesus commanded Peter to “feed my lambs!”, these lambs will have been fed by God’s servants like Peter, have eaten of spiritual bread or manna from heaven, have grown in the knowledge of the truth, and who will at last enter into the company of those to be united with the Lord. Wow! When Jesus comes again, the lambs that will greet him, these are his bride!

In Chinese tradition, there is the concept of marrying two people who are similar in station. The “lambs” mentioned the first time and the Lamb mentioned 29 times in Revelation share the same word, 721. Surely the lamb Bride and the Lamb must be similar in their “station”, i.e. share the same life inside!

The ‘lambs”, in Greek, is a plural word. In other words, if you wish, you can also join in being a member of this bride. That will be a cause for jubilation!

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