Manna for Today 012

Today we talk about the second Strong number, 721, which is also “lamb” in Greek. This “lamb” is related to Jesus’ second coming.

721 appears in the New Testament altogether 30 times. Of the thirty, twenty nine is in Revelation, and only one time in John, chapter 21. At the time Peter and several other disciples had gone back to be fishermen. At this time, they fished all night but caught nothing. They saw the resurrected Jesus calling to them, with breakfast already waiting for them. When they had all eaten, Jesus asked Peter: “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” Peter replied, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.” This is the only time outside Revelation that 721 appears.

Since the entire Revelation talks about the second coming of the Lord, the fact that 721 occurs 29 times in this book clearly indicates that this word is connected to the second coming of Jesus.

So we know for sure that Jesus is the Lamb referred to twenty nine times in Revelation. What about the ONE, and the FIRST time that 721 appears in John Chapter 21? What mystery is hidden in this one special place that it appears?

Please think this over for a while. Even if you cannot get a clear answer, at least you have tried. By the time we give an answer tomorrow, you will feel differently than those who have not pondered it themselves.

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