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Manna for Today 011

If you just look at the word “lamb” in the English Bible, you can’t find too much about it. But if you look up the word “lamb” in a Strong’s Dictionary, you will find that there are two Strong’s numbers associated with it, one is 286 and the other is 721. In other words, there are two different Greek words that have the same meaning and thus are both translated as “lamb” in English.

Why use two Greek words to describe the same thing? One possible reason is that the Greek word assigned as 286 in the Strong numbering system points to the First Coming of Jesus. The word numbered as 286 appears first in John Chapter One, when John the Baptist first introduced Jesus to his disciples: “Look, the Lamb (286) of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” The “lamb” in this sentence clearly speaks of Jesus in his first coming.

What about the other Greek word with 721 as its Strong number? We will save it for the next time. The reason we do not share too much each time is because the people in modern time are used to swallowing a whole lot of messages without “digesting” and remembering them. It is no use to say too much. We are determined to do it this way in order to help you change this bad habit from the past.

By the way, if you truly want to know more about the Strong numbering system, please refer to the first article in “Original Scriptural Studies“.

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