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Manna for Today 010

Today we will focus on the Yang in “Xi Yang Yang”. It has a homophonic word which means lamb.

This word “lamb” which pronounces the same as Yang in “Xi Yang Yang” leads us to the most important figure in the entire Bible. This person is no other than Jesus. Christians know that the Bible calls him “the Lamb of God” – do you see the connection?

According to the Chinese tradition, when a couple is about to be married, a special Chinese character like you see here is posted on the window or door of the house. It means Double Happiness because it has the word for happiness TWICE, side by side, signifying two people joining in union.

The Bible tells us, when Jesus comes the second time, that will be a day of happiness, a day of wedding celebrations between the Lamb and his Bride. So you see why we pick “Xi Yang Yang” in Chinese and Juvilant in English for our website?

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