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Manna for Today 009

This time we would like to start by mentioning numbers because it is hard to avoid them in this digital age.

Because numbers in the Bible belong to an independent system with many hidden mysteries, we may choose to touch onsome of them in certain occasions. For example, when we talked about the Double Yang Festival earlier, there was no way we can avoid the two 9’s in the festival because that festival falls on the 9th day of the 9th month of the lunar calendar. When we see two 9’s side by side, we have 99 right in front of us.

Have you ever wondered what does the number 99 mean in the Bible? Because both the Greeks and Hebrews used letters as both numbers and as words, so the the number 99 is also “AMEN” that many Christians tend to say all the time.

What does AMEN mean? It means real and true. Once we have entered the state of quietness and confidence, it means that we really and truly know the path of life. Once we are walking the path with God, we can really and truly feel the amen presence of Him.

Amen is normally used at the end of a Christian meeting or prayer. As we end today’s short message, we would like to say “Amen!” with you together. May the real and true feelings in 99, and the quiet and confident Yang Chi (positive energy) encourage you to walk forward, until you reach the wonderful and heavenly realm!

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