Manna for Today 008

At this point, let’s think about our problem from another level. So, we can remember that the Bible says this, “in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.”

This quietness and confidence appear to be a little bit passive, unlike Esau’s jump and run that kind of Yang Chi. If you see quietness as rather shy, and confidence as rather passive, please know that in math there is an operation (multiplication) where a double negative is a positive. Thus it is so here. When you are quiet and confident, you are not hot like fire on the outside, but full of liveliness on the inside, that is the rare positive energy and Yang Chi.

This quiet and confident positive energy, comes from connecting with the Almighty. Do you know where you are from, where you will go, where you are now, and how to reach that last, best destination? If you know the answers to all these question, then of course you will have full quiet confidence to enjoy the health and peace that are yours in abundance under the sun! You cannot but have joy !

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