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Manna for Today 006

In the Bible there is an interesting man. His name and Adam’s name belong to the same Hebrew word family, i.e. they come from the SAME Hebrew root word.

This man is Esau, the son of Isaac, the twin of Jacob. Esau is also called Edom. And “Edom” means “red”. Edom and Adam share the same root word.

According to the Bible, Esau was a hunter. He loved hunting, and his father loved the meat he brought back. Imagine a hunter, when he goes hunting, he is weak, and soft, and cannot walk far. How can he catch any prey? Esau, on the other hand, being a skilled hunter, was a brave and strong man. He was not afraid of the wild beasts, nor running far to catch them. That’s the sign of having a lot of Yang Chi or Yang Energy as in “Yin and Yang”. Yang means to have courage, to not be afraid of difficulties and obstacles, to not be easily crushed. This is what a strong man or woman should be like and what God wants to give to us, to be filled with strength and courage, the characteristics of a juvilant person.

As an aside, if you don’t know what “root word” means, please go to “Original Scriptural Studies” category. Read the first article, and you will know it right away.

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