Manna for Today

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How can you become really positive?

These days we are encouraged to be positive, to give off positive vibes, to talk less of negative things. Is this good? Of course it is.

In the Bible, who fits the description of being the most positive or sunny or joyous person, in other words, jubilant? We say that has to be Adam, the first man God created. Because the word Adam in Hebrew, comes from the root word meaning “Red Dust”. He was made from dust, and dust comes from the root word “ashen”. Think about it, if a person’s appearance changes from ashen to ruddy, isn’t that a sign of having changed from negative to positive?

The Bible always tell us, saying: Repent. You must repent. So what is repentance? Simple! To change. Anyone who changes from negative energy to positive, who walks out of being ashen, whose face turns ruddy, these are the results of having repented. Choosing to change will help you become a positive person and naturally spread positive energy wherever you go.

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