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Manna For Today 004 has a subsection called “Original Scripture Studies“. Don’t let this title scare you, as if only Bible scholars or experts can understand this kind of stuff! Actually, it will not be that difficult. Even if you are someone who knows nothing of the original languages the Bible comes in, this is not going to be an obstacle! You will see how you can read the original text without even understanding a word of Hebrew or Greek. Yes, this is a miracle. Come and experience this miracle as you follow along.

I believe you will not find another website like us, that will provide an objective and rigorous investigation of the original scriptures, presented in a short and lively manner.

Most of the messages on aim to be short and concise, but the articles in the “Original Scripture Studies” are much longer. Some people will not be used to it. But if you remember that these are the most important ideas or core thoughts of the Bible, that a series truth seeker cannot skip, then you might not be put off by it.

If you allow these messages to steep and be absorbed into your life, if you will practice them, they will enrich you immeasurably. What TREASURES will you find when you commit to spend some time to dig into the “gold and silver” of the original scriptures!

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