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There is a column on this website, called “Question and Ponder“, Q&P. There are lots of Q&A’s online. So what is the difference between the two?

Q&A’s are where you ask the questions and someone else answers. The person who asks seldom need to think or answer the question themselves. As long as there IS an answer, the person asking is likely satisfied. No one thinks perhaps there are better answers. Q & P, on the other hand, encourages YOU, the person asking, to ACTIVELY, resourcefully think of an answer. In this age of information, many teachers may not know more, or can do better than the students. So pondering the answer yourself will help you improve and build up each other mutually.

So, we encourage everyone to get into the habit of questioning and pondering. If you have questions, please ask. There are many ways to approach a question and many ways to get to an answer. One must even approach them from several different perspectives. The more ways, the more perspectives. We hope that people will use this website to communicate each other’s views and thereby enrich each other.

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