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Manna for Today 002

For those who are new to our program, we would like to tell you this: the Chinese equivalent for this Juvilant platform is 禧洋洋, having three Chinese charaters, Xi Yang Yang.

In Chinese characters, there are many words that share the same or similar sound. For example, the character 洋/Yang in Xi Yang Yang sounds the same as “羊/lamb” and “阳/sun” in Chinese. In the case of Xi (pronounces the same as “see” or “sea” in English), it sounds the same as “洗/wash” or similar to “许/promise” in Chinese.

With the above pieces of information given, you might be able to guess other meanings that these three characters Xi Yang Yang put together may carry.

Ah, almost forgot to tell you, the first character in 禧洋洋 (Xi Yang Yang) has as its radical (the left side of that character)  the word that refers to God神 in Chinese. And Xi means Jubilee when used together with the word “year” in a literal sense. Normally Xi that does not carry the God radical means happiness. Now indeed, with God helping us, won’t we be doubly happy and joyful?

We hope AI (Artificial Intelligance) will help people find, so that people can find Happiness and know about the coming Jubilee.  Or perhaps you can tell others about us too.  We know that God who can have a part in the word Happiness,  is now shedding abroad His joy as you share this website.

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