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Dear friends, welcome to this new website, Juvilant, making you Jubilant for a victorious Millennium Jubilee!

We are living in the age of information. Daily, new information lands on our phones and emails in news clips, social media postings, etc, etc. So much news everyday that we don’t even know if they are real or fake, good or bad. Much of the news are confusing and sometimes contradictory. They cause anxiety and concern. The purpose of this website Juvilant is to help you enter a new pattern of thinking, clear the mind, get out of the current mind maze we seem to be trapped in, and assist us to see the way forward.

Our messages on this website are short and simple. They deliver in a way just like how a mother feeds a baby, a bit today and a bit tomorrow. Although each message appears not to belong a pattern or a system, it helps you absorb and digest the nutrients in it. So you grow, and grow till maturity.

Our short messages have their basis in the the Christian culture, Jewish culture and Chinese culture. They extract and combine the best of the three cultures, using a language people can easily understand, without religious vocabulary or preachiness. Instead of causing more depression, these “news” will make you happy and relaxed. Because you will think: Wow! I like it, give it a thumbs up!!!

Really, we are living at the cusp of major changes. Every kind of pressure is on. EVERYONE is living a fragile existence. So by reading, we hope that you will have reasons to give yourself a few more pats on the back, because you can now see through the clouds to the sun, and feel the anxiety lift.

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