Welcome to Juvilant – we assist you to be jubilant in entering a victorious millennial Jubilee

We post our daily message here: juvilant.com/en/update.

As you might have guessed, Juvilant is a new word we came up with when we planned for this platform. It bears the meanings of these three words: Juvenate, Victory and Jubilee. And this is exactly what we are dedicated to help you achieve.

Our messages on this website are short and simple. They deliver in a way just like how a mother feeds a baby, a bit today and a bit tomorrow. Although each message appears not to belong a pattern or a system, it helps you absorb and digest its nutrient. So you grow, and grow till maturity.

Our daily messages have their basis in the Christian culture, Jewish culture and Chinese culture. They extract and combine the best of the three cultures, using a language people can easily understand, without religious vocabulary or preachiness. Instead of causing more depression, these “news” will make you happy and relaxed. Because you will think: Wow! I like it, give it a thumbs up!!!

Really, we are living at the cusp of major changes. Every kind of pressure is on. EVERYONE is living a fragile existence. So by reading Juvilant.com, we hope that you will have reasons to give yourself a few more pats on the back, because you can now see through the clouds to the sun, and feel the anxiety beng lifted.